Wednesday, June 17, 2009

its about time...

I have finally:
  • organized my last box and placed it in the storage shed.
  • packed my car to go to Aunties for the summer.
  • read the 5th Harry Potter book...
  • got books 6 and 7 from the library. will start reading 6 tomorrow.
  • did my laundry... its been almost a month.
  • found my crayons and coloring books
  • started my jean quilt by cutting out all the jean blocks.
  • found that I have three coin jars and all are full. I either need to use the coins or get a new jar.
  • started a new other one was just not working for me, the pages were just too big.
  • found my contacts and my case.
  • emptied out and cleaned my purse.
  • realized that I still have not started the 1000 piece puzzle that it is my goal to finish this summer.
  • relocated my planner and my post-it notes.
  • blogged after a month and a half!