Tuesday, August 17, 2010

another month has come and gone!

SO it looks like even after all of my hopes of blogging more often another month has gone by and it finds me with no additional blog posts. Here is a post to get you though another month of Megan silence...

This month was full of very large decisions, some followed through and some in the planning stage, and here is the current status of things:
  • Most important things first, on Saturday I had the most wonderful opportunity to go through the temple and take out my endowments. It was the most wonderful experience of my life and I cant wait to go again soon!
  • I have decided to start going back to school. "What in?" you might ask... that is still in debate but I have some ideas that I am throwing around. This going-back-to-school is actually just a math class that I have to take and then two fun classes, english and ceramics, but it is still a start.
  • I am going to be brave and start going to one of the singles wards in reno starting at the beginning of next month. This does not mean that I will not be attending Fallon YSA activities, on the contrary, it means that i will just be going to church there and maybe attending some of their activities, while still fully participating in fallon YSA. I can hardly wait! the only question lies in which singles ward in reno I will be going to?
  • An amazing family in my ward is leaving for a year (to live in Hawaii so dont feel too bad for them) and a few friends and I are slated to move into their home while they are gone! While I am sad that they are leaving I'm thrilled with the chance that it is giving me to move out of my parents house, again.
  • I am NOT changing jobs anytime soon, well that I know of, I am still working at the pharmacy and really enjoying it. While some days I come home completely exhausted I am learning a lot and enjoying my time there.
While all of these things are subject to change and could possibly fall through I am excited that I actually have some plans that are moving me forward in my life.

TO SUM UP: new spiritual high, new classes, new ward, and a new house, but the same wonderful old job with some new people!