Saturday, May 29, 2010

a month in review!

Really interesting month so for a few highlights in no particular order...

I now have a niece! Her name is Emily Ruth Scott and she is adorable!!!

Mom is in Iowa with the Scott rights now enjoying her new grandbaby, we are all jealous! More pictures can be seen on Mindy and Jon's blog.

  • I was called to be a primary teacher and I will be teaching the 6-going-on-7 year olds. There are usually about 3 of them so it shouldnt be too crazy except their previous teacher was amazing so I have some really big shoes to fill.
  • On a more serious note, cousin Jacob got hit by a car, had surgery, (the success of which we are all thankful!) and is now recovering at Grandma Lowes which I am sure includes lots of sports as well as Grandma spoiling, both of which are sorely needed. But he is excited to get back to playing and dating so we are thrilled for his speedy recovery.

  • The Alan and Carey Perazzo home is experiancing a change again, Grandma Lorelei, (my moms mom) is going to be moving in with us about June. This is cause for great celebration but also lots of moving. Grandma will be staying in the master bedroom downstairs with means a swicharoo for everyone else. As we are pro-movers these changes were made in about an evening, besides some of the furniture that couldnt make it up the stairs, that was left for a different day. The below armoire is case and point. After an unsuccessful attempt to bring it up the stairs, a window was measured and removed and after help from the neighbors across the street and a few acrobatic tricks by Brent (that it is a good thing Mom didnt see,) the armoire made it beautifully into what is now the parents room (again.)

  • I finished my two classes I was taking for fun at the WNC, History 111 The US Constitution and Art ?? Ceramics. I loved them both and was sad to finish but excited to have more time to do other things. one of which is in the works and I should be finishing soon. pics to come! and the other is reading. I love that now I have time to read books for fun again and the 45 min drive to work allows me time to listen to books on tape.

  • Also we have been having weird weather. Lots of wet stuff that is really foreign to those of us who live in a desert called Nevada. This is a prime example. This was two days ago and only lasted for about 5 to 7 minutes but look at what it did! (Side note: please turn off the volume before you listen because I just realized how weird my voice sounds on a recording. really odd.)

  • Another also: look at the great growth of my tomato plants. Dad was kind enough to keep them alive while I was staying with Grandma and Grandpa (thanks for a wonderful time btw. Loved it!) If all of this freak weather stops happening then I might actually be able to plant them outside. we will see.

I am sorry for the lack of posting and I resolve to improve.