Sunday, May 29, 2011

This week...

So this past week has had some noteworthy events...

On Wednesday Brent, along with cousins Ryan and Eric and friend Jacob, received their Eagles and they are now all Eagle Scouts. Way to go boys!!!

The second event was on Saturday when I came home (to the Wohle's house were I have been living for the past 8 months) and realized that there was water all the way up to the top of the driveway. At first I though that someone had just over watered the field but then I realized that it wasn't just the driveway but everything that was east of the house. The neighbors realized something was wrong when the water started flowing onto the road and stopped the water and started draining everything. The water in some places was up to my knees!

Turns out the ditch bank blew. For proof see the following picture.

It doesn't look that bad in the picture but it is about 6 feet wide! By now the water is gone from most of the dirt and we're working on drying out the bunkhouse that ended up with 3 inches of water in it. Thank heavens there wasn't too much that was ruined. Thankfully mine and Courtney's cars weren't at home because they would have been flooded because the water was 3/4 of the way the wheels on Brittney's Bronco.

Counting our blessings!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The last month or so...

In the last month or so I have had many adventures that I am going to share with you...

The first adventure was a weekend trip that Madison and I took to Utah. First thing was to attend the wedding of one of my favorite cousins, Jacob, to his beautiful bride, Susan. (Thanks for the picture Aunt Beth!)

We left that morning and made it with 30 minutes to spare... we even got ready at a rest-stop! After the beautiful wedding Madison and I spent time going around temple square and then the next day we were able to perform baptisms in the Salt Lake Temple. Our trip then took us to St. George to visit my most amazing sister Melissa!

Where we were able to be for 2 days of fun and relaxation. If you will look at the picture again you will see that I have a wonderfully cute hair cut and color both done by Melissa! I think that I am really going to like having a beautician in the family. While Melissa was working on Saturday Madie and I went exploring St. George and we went to the temple and found the baptisty and were able to just show up and do baptisms. Two temples in two days and tons of time with two of my beautiful sisters!

Adventure two: Corinne, my wonderful, amazing, example of a cousin, decided to go to the temple for the first time and Mom, Dad, and I had the opportunity to be there in the temple with her. It was a wonderful experience and I am so thankful for the fact that I could be there! The adventure was in the fact that Corinne was living in Minnesota! We flew in on Friday, attended the temple on Saturday and then flew out a few hours later. One quick trip!

Now the most recent adventure was to the wedding of my best friend, Krista Stark (now Krista Zemp!) The wedding was down in LA and it was absolutely perfect. She looked stunning!

I was one of her bridesmaids along with her two amazing sisters!

Oh and last but not least: I finished my Pre-Cal class! So very glad that it is over.

While I had many more adventures while on my adventure these are the highlights!!!