Friday, August 28, 2015


I am moving to Utah!  It is rather an exciting step in my life that I wasn't planning on but am embracing.  In the past 2 weeks I have applied to and was hired for a job in Salt Lake City and will be moving in 2 weeks!

I had my first partial breakdown today at work when I realized what I have done.  I am changing my entire life.  Moving to a different state, new job, new place to live, new ward, new friends, same family but closer.  I have been working for the same company for the past 5 1/2 years and it is strange to think that I am going to be doing something else.  Maybe my life needs to be shaken up and I need some "new".
While I'm excited to move and be in Utah it is a little overwhelming when I realized I am going to have to pack everything I want to bring in my car.  I decided against a moving van when I realized I was going to be spending more to haul my stuff then I bought it for.  Kind of sad but true.  Most of my furniture was bought secondhand and has fulfilled its purpose.  So my car is the moving van.  

Its a Chevy Aveo and not that big so I do have to choose what I want.  I brought some boxes when I went to my interview (optimistic I know) but for the most part I am getting rid of my stuff and starting over...  Also a little overwhelming but also freeing.  Really thankful that I have been working on this simplifying project for the last 4 month because it has helped me decide what I really want in my life.  I'm thankful I listened to the prompting to simplify my life because it has allowed my to be ready (sort of) for this new experience.  

For those like my mom, who I think worries that I have gotten rid of everything, I wont be able to fit everything I own in a backpack or anything extreme like that but I am hoping for just 2 loads in my car.  Only the things that I really love and that bring me joy.  

I am happy to be here but also happy to be in Utah in 2 weeks!!
Let the crazy begin!