Sunday, August 7, 2011

Home again....

Exciting news!

So I have just moved back in with my parents. Aren't those the words every 24 year old wants to say...

Right now I am going through my things trying to make everything I own somehow fit in a room and part of a storage shed. I never realized how many things I have until I try and move them. Just talking with Mom about how I would love to just be able to fit everything I own into my little car... but now I am looking at my things and I realizing that I have way to many things. I mean the things I have for my kitchen could almost fill up my trunk.

So far I have gotten rid of 3 boxes of books and three bags of clothes and I still have an outrageous amount of stuff. Looks like more stuff will be going to good will or to others.

Time to reevaluate and recycle and let others reuse.