Thursday, April 3, 2014

Today was crazy and when I got home from work all I wanted to do was go for a bike ride but then I realized the handle bars were too low.  After pulling out my tool kit (thanks Mom and Dad!) I realized that my allen wrench wasn't going to work because unbeknown to me there are two different kinds (metric and american) and I only had american so this prompted a trip to Lowe's.  

I am now the proud owner of a set of metric allen wrenches to go along with my american ones.  My bike handles are now the right height but tomorrow I get to fix the tire... Yep its flat.  Just my luck.

The trip to Lowe's also yielded a new addition to my apartment in the form of a new house plant!  My other plants did not survive the winter in my apartment.  According to them it was TOO cold.  My new plant is a maidenhair fern.  Come to find out it is the diva of all houseplants so it might not last very long.  The funny thing is that I choose a small fern because I didn't want all the commitment of a larger fern; instead I choose a diva.  Perfect end to my crazy day.