Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Whenever I come home...

I always seem to get a cold. Currently I am sitting in my bed with my Robitussin, Chloraseptic, water, blankets, and sleeping! It is giving me plenty of time to go through my things and work on my scrapbook. Hooray for time spent decluttering and getting better!

Friday, September 18, 2009

I'm coming to Provo!

I decided about 20 minutes ago that I am officially going to Provo this weekend to see my fabulous best friend and my equally fabulous little sister (and meet the little sister's boyfriend!) It should be a wonderful time!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Locks of Love

My hero for today is my little sister!

Maddie got her haircut today and she donated it to Locks of Love. Way to go little sister! I love your new sophisticated hair cut! Doesn't she just have the prettiest red hair you have ever seen!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Corn Silage

Today was a pretty interesting day... cleaned up part of the house, sent a fax that took about 10 thousand years to actually send, drove with Brent, and most interestingly of all, saw pretty much the whole process of corn becoming corn silage. (For those of you who do not know what corn silage is I suggest that you look it up on Wiki (just like I did) and that should give you a pretty good, perhaps overly good explanation, of the nitty-gritty's of silage but my explanation will be short, dumbed down, and hopefully easy to follow.)

For multiple days every year the only answer to what Dad had been doing all day was "he was out packin' the pit." Although I have ridden in the tractor with him for many hours as he packed I had never been able to see the whole process of corn to silage until today. My day started out with a thoroughly frustrating experience with the fax machine and then a little jot over to see my daddy. This was pretty much the scene that met my gaze (although I didn't take the picture it is a pretty accurate representation of what was occurring on my farm.)

I rode with the "Pops" for a hour or two as he "packed the pit" and was about to head home when he trick/mislead me into seeing the rest of the operation at work. The Wadsworthswere doing the cutting and hauling of the corn and I was able to ride along and see everything first hand.

So first the corn is grown (this is the step that takes the longest and of course it is the easiest to explain... corn seeds planted, corn watered, corn grew.)

Next when the corn is sufficiently dry yet still yellow-green wet it is cut by this enormous tractor with lots of blades that turn the whole stock from the-stocks-of-corn-you-see-on-peoples-porches-in-Autumn to something that resembles confetti all in just a few seconds! The corn is then blown from the corn cutting machine into the truck that is following along side.

Once the corn is in the truck it is brought back to wherever the "silage pit" is going to be and dumped and that is where my daddy's job starts... He is the pit packer. He uses a tractor to push the silage into a pile and then runs over and over it to pack it down. (This job according to my father is mindless work and is when he gets to make a lot of phone calls and does his thinking.)

The last part of the process involves covering the "pit" with heavy plastic and tires... this part will probably be coming in the next few days!

Thanks Dad and Ben for a wonderful education even though I am no longer in school, well in organized school anyway!

(The pictures have all be stolen from different places on the Internet... I know I am in so much trouble!)

Monday, September 14, 2009

Monday Night means FHE!

Tonight I attended was able to attend two FHEs, the YSA FHE and our family's FHE.

For YSA we drove out to Sand Mountain and climbed up (who am I kidding! Y'all know that I didn't climb all the way to the top but I did make it about halfway up! no mocking!) and then I made the traditional run-down-and-tumble and was pretty sandy but I did get a good look at the Nevada sky and realized how much I really love to look at the stars... if only I knew what I was looking at. Research before tomorrow night will have to be the constellations and the stories of their origin.

After the YSA activity I arrived home just in time to participate in the family FHE (but I did miss the annual "I AM HAPPY TO BE HERE!" from the whole family). For activity we helped make signs for Madison, she is running for West End Student Council Treasurer and the family wanted to make sure we helped out all we could, even if our creative juices weren't all we had hoped for. Today turned into a wonderful Monday Night!

Saturday, September 12, 2009


SO this summer I had a wonderful time nanny-ing for Auntie in CA but now I'm back in Fallon! I have no idea how long I am going to be here (I am hoping it's just long enough to make some money to move somewhere else) but I am planning on making the most of the time that I am going to be here. I have been home a week but it seems like it has been much longer than that.
I have:
  • been running my siblings around like a crazy person
  • helped my brother study for his driving permit (HE PASSED!!!)
  • cleaned out the play room and set it all up with the pool table, card tables, sitting area, and darts.
  • then I moved all of my stuff from my car to the newly-cleaned-and-set-up-play-room (now it is no longer clean... sorry mom!)
  • did a 500 piece puzzle... I dont really do puzzles so this is really exciting for me!
  • worked on my scrapbook a little (almost done with high school, only senior year left)
  • helping Mom feed, run, and play with dogs and the puppies
  • deep cleaning the closets. threw a lot of junk away (mostly dads) but also brought a lot to Good Will (mostly moms) and there is still more to go through.
  • went to the storage shed and looked at the tubs i have in storage. cleaning out those will be a few weeks chore in itself.
  • got the family news letter that Mindy put together and we all enjoyed finding out what everyone else in the family is up to!
Life has been crazy but it just make me remember how much I love my family and how thankful I am to be here with them!

With all the busyness/crazyness that happens in my life when I come home its wierd but I always seem to show up back home right when I need to. I believe that God has a hand in everything that happens to us, good or bad, and it is that helping, loving hand that gets us through and makes us stronger. Family, I LOVE YOU!!!!