Thursday, May 14, 2015

175 things

So far in my attempt to get rid of 1 thing a day I have done pretty well.  In 21 days 175 items have left my apartment and more than that if you count all the expired bathroom items, individual jewelry, and electronic items (email, documents, and music) that are also gone.  I have really enjoyed looking at my list because I can see that I am making progress!  In my mind I still don't think that I have gotten rid of a lot. Lists are nice that way.  

The only thing I have missed is an ethernet cable that I had not used in around 4 years and probably wouldn't use for another 4 but my wireless internet went out.  I ended up replacing it from Salvation Army for $2.50.  After 21 days I have not even noticed the jewelry that is gone. The clothes. The craft supplies. The dvds. And other things. All I notice is that there is room where it used to be crowded and I spend less time moving stuff around now that there is less stuff.

Now I have had a few things that have made their way into my house in the 21 days and maybe I should start making a list of that too just to remind myself.  I have been making a very conscious effort to evaluate every item that comes through the door.  I have finally gotten ALL my boxes out of storage, even my holiday decorations, and I am going through them and seeing what makes the cut of staying in my apartment and what I want to store.  I am seeing that I have things that I will keep if I don't have to deal with them, aka in a box stored somewhere else, but if I am presented with the option of my apartment or gone it is easy.  Gone.

I have started making lists of things that I want to get rid of so I might start getting rid of multiple groups per day.  I find myself sitting on the couch and looking around and thinking "I wouldn't miss that if it was gone" or "when was the last time I even touched that? let alone used it?".  I guess getting rid of things is addicting... there are definitely worse addictions.

PS Please do not think that this stuff is ending up in the trash.  Most is being donated or used by others or just returned. Only my expired bathroom items ended up in the trash and they should have gone a long time ago.