Wednesday, July 21, 2010

another month!

so another month has gone by and I am just another month older but I dont know about wiser....

summation of the month: busy and where has all the time gone?

since last month I have:
  • well i didnt, but Mom and Melissa got in a car wreck from which they are both recovering nicely... nothing major which was a literal miracle but also brought me to a realization of myself which was that I really have no sense of direction. I made this realization after it took me over an hour to get to the ER that was about 30 mins away.
  • the above realization prompted me to get myself a 1/2 birthday present of a GPS! (on a side note I have decided that if/when I start dating someone I am going to tell him that my family celebrates 1/2 birthdays so I can get to have a special day twice a year instead of just once.) Back to the point: this GPS was a lifesaver in my following adventure of...
  • going to Vegas for the 4th of July and had one of the most amazing weekends of my life! Thanks Krista and the guys!
  • came right home from Vegas and started house sitting for a lady in my ward. I enjoyed 2 saturdays of watering, tanning, and relaxing un-interrupted; as well as some carefree nights and I didnt kill any of her animals either. go me!
  • I realized that as much as I think that I want an animal I am better just imagining that I have one. I dont think that I would do well caring for something when I am gone so often. kinda sad but I think if I was going to get an animal it would be a boxer. They are just so cute and they dont really shed which will work out great with my hatred/phobia of animal hair...
  • wow, the above was really random but oh so true...
  • decided that I am going to stop waiting for other to show up for me to make plans so the plans are rolling
  • Also look forward in the next few weeks for a big announcement. (and ps since i'm not dating anyone its not that i'm getting engaged, guess again!)
dont know what else to say but june/july have been good months for me!