Sunday, September 13, 2015


I am currently sitting in Utah half in shock that I am currently homeless and jobless.

I am starting my job tomorrow and I am staying with my amazing cousin and her husband but still.  The changes that have been made in my life in the last 6 months have been crazy.  I have gotten rid of over 700 things. I got a new job. I quit my old job. I moved to Utah. 

Maybe I am having a mid-life crisis but in a good way. I wasn't happy with the way my life was going and decided if I wanted it to stop being the same old, same old I had to change something. So queue changes!

Excited for the new adventures in my new home state!


Beth said...

Good luck Megan! I'm sure you'll do great and I hope you find joy in your new circumstances.

Jessica 洁玲 said...

Megan! I know I haven't talked to you in forever but I hope things turn out well for you. I am having a crisis of my own and recently moved home to Vegas to do some soul-searching. I am proud of you for being brave and taking that next step!